Our Mission and Values


Let’s be honest: sometimes it’s hard for us parents to communicate with our children. Who hasn’t found themselves discouraged by the trite but famous “good” when we ask the question:  “How was your day at school?”

If we talk about sensitive subjects, things get even more complicated. We have the feeling that we are not prepared to talk about serious or even taboo subjects, because we, as parents are wrongly afraid of saying too much, not enough or not having the right words.

The escape route is often the famous “you are too young to understand”. However, we know that, like us at their age, children will manage to find an answer, wrong or right, to their question.

At Yékrak, we have imagined a psycho-educational, playful and above all customisable book for children, which allows them to open up a dialogue on difficult subjects in a healthy family setting.

Through our customisable book, we want to provide parents with an innovative tool to strengthen their courage and self-confidence in their parenting.


The Yékrak adventure started a few years ago when a relative of the founder, then 3 years old, learned that she was “different” because she was mixed race. Children are not bad by nature but at school we learn to read and count but not enough to live together and in harmony because of lack of time and means. Moreover, parents do not always have the keys to do this either!

He wondered about the most appropriate way to address this sensitive issue with children and parents, as he himself was (and still is) a father of two mixed-race children.

A book unique to each child was quickly the preferred choice because personalisation facilitates identification for greater impact. In fact, the personalisation of the hero makes it possible to create a playful story in the image of the child and allows him to project himself more easily.  Moreover, the book is a medium that has always allowed the creation of a link between adults and children.

This is how Yékrak was born!


An native Indian proverb says that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by having our printing plant in France and more precisely in Normandy. It has the “Imprim’vert” label which guarantees an ecological approach as well as a desire to have less impact on our environment. Moreover, the packaging in which the personalised book is sent is made from 70% recycled materials.


Because we want to go further than selling personalised children’s books and because we want to have a real social and environmental impact, we will donate 1% of our turnover to an organisation working to protect the environment.

The team

Behind the young Yékrak structure is a team whose ambition is to help adults to open dialogue and to educate children in a positive and fun way. That's why we need you to help us become better known!